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Divi WordPress Design / Development

We have been working with divi for over a year now…and we love it. We now exclusively design with Divi. When you know how to use Divi properly, the results are astounding. Let us bring our Divi WordPress development experience with design, seo, and speed tweeks to your website.

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Sometimes knowing where to start can be overwelming…

Creating a successful website takes planning.

Just like a baby…websites need to be nurtured to thrive.  It requires planning. With a consulting session, we can give you ideas on what to plan for so that you can confidently create an action plan for success.

How it works

An idea is like a child, it needs to be nutured.  We have over 15 years experience working with clients to nurture your idea to completion.

Choose a Package

We help in various ways, choosing a package ensures expectations are up front and desired results can be delivered

Set a Date

Schedule time line and date. Setting a time and date forces you to gather your throughts and materials so that the meetings are focused.

Discuss Project

Depending on the package and time you selected we go through goals you set, and try to help you think about or create a plan on how to get to your goals.

In addition to planning, we can do the work.

We not only plan, we execute.

In addition to consulting, we are responsible for creating hundreds of sites from start to finish or re-doing sites on the various platforms we work with ( and so that your sites load faster, are easier to navigate and perform better in search engine results.

What We Can Do

Here are a few samples of our work.


Don’t know where to start? Start here. Purchase an hour of consulting time to go through your goals of what you want to accomplish on your site, then we will tell you how to achieve those goals backed by 15 years of experience.


We can help go through your goals and create a game plan on how to get your site built the right way as well as planning on social media posting and marketing.


We have in house teams to execute the building of the site, provide support for questions, and continual execution on social media planning and posting.

Peace of mind

There is nothing worse than spening time building a site the wrong way and investing time in marketing to point to a site that barely works. When planning the right way with experts, you get expert results.

Save time by being focused

Don’t waste time building a failed site. You wast time, and money doing it the wrong way digging yourself into a hole. Do it the right way and excell faster.

Experience Matters

There are many wanna be “website developers” that have never developed anything. If you are reading this, then you probably already understand why WordPress sites can be better than a square space or shoppify builder website. But they are only better if they are executed right by a professional. Lean on our experience to make sure you get professional results.


Expert advice and upfront pricing. Choose from: Package Pricing or Choose Your Own Hours.

Pre-Packaged Pricing

Hourly Pricing

A Couple of Customers

Couple small case studies / testimonials

“Our restaurant site wasn’t set up properly on wordpress and was hacked. They came and helped us rebuild the site, and fix the behind the scenes issues I wasn’t aware needed to be fixed. Now we get lots of people finding our restaurant online.”

Cholada Thai Cuisine

Coaching, Planning and Website Execution

I unfortunately spent $1000 on a website from my neighbor designing it in Square Space. The site didn’t show up on google. I was referred, they explained the terminalogy, I got an idea of what I needed to do and I hired them to execute. As a result, I started showing up on google. I knew where to envest my dollars and got the results.

Bike Shop Santa Monica

Coaching, Planning and Website Execution